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          Property for Sale in Gozo

          Property for Sale in Gozo

          Living in Gozo

          Gozo is Malta’s smaller sister island to the North. Less developed and more rural than Malta, it is a terrific place to live, especially for those who prefer the countryside and sea. Whether you are looking for harmonious peace and meditation, more areas for rugged hiking, greater access to snorkelling and scuba diving spots, or a safer and more calm environment for your children to grow, it is an ideal place to raise a family or retire in. Heck, even single people love it here! There is just so much to explore. So we understand why you are currently looking for property for sale in Gozo – it is indeed, a wonderful place to live!

          Gozo offers a wide variety of activities, as well. From ta Cenc’s glorious cliffs to the sands of  Ramla Bay to Dwerja’s stunning seas to Ghasri’s breathtaking landscapes, there is no end of splendid vistas awaiting your arrival. One can go diving for shipwrecks, swimming in caves, kayaking near Comino or sunbathing on sandy beaches–anything your heart desires for relaxation or adventure is here in Gozo!

          Victoria (also known as Rabat) is Gozo’s main hub, where there are plenty of restaurants, bars, museums, malls, theatres, gardens, and all kinds of shops to keep your interest. Its most famous landmark is the beautiful Citadella, a site that was initially settled during the Bronze Age but evolved into a gorgeous fortress (similar to Mdina) by the 16th century. In the Citadella, you can visit the lovely Cathedral, take in sweeping views, and discover a wide variety of fascinating museums run by Heritage Malta. Nearby in Xaghra, Heritage Malta also manages the world-famous Ggantija Neolithic Temple, one of the oldest prehistoric buildings in the world! There are so many beautiful villages in Gozo with so much to see and explore.

          When you plan your trip to view all of the different kinds of houses for sale in Gozo, be sure to take in some of these other sites as well! Gozo is a jewel in the Mediterranean.

          Property for Sale in Gozo

          The property market in Gozo is flourishing. In fact, it’s almost always been stable and buying a home on this beautiful island is definitely a wise investment. Property costs are much lower than in Malta and there is often a 5 -8% return on your investment. Additionally, first-time buyers are eligible for a very generous government scheme.

          Buying a Home in Gozo

          Are you considering buying a house or flat in Gozo? In Gozo, your cost of living decreases substantially. In addition, from transportation to education, there are a wide variety of government schemes to help with the cost of living.

          Gozo is also much quieter than Malta, with a lot less traffic and much less hassle. Although many say it is inconvenient to get to Malta, there is always the fast ferry that gets you to Valletta in 45 minutes, and the Cirkewwa ferry gets you to northern Malta in the same amount of time. The ferries run frequently and you can bring your car upon the Cirkewwa ferry, too, if you need.

          Curious? Then read on. 

          Take a look at the categories below and read on to see all the different types of homes for sale in Gozo that you can choose from!

          Different Property Types

          There are so many beautiful homes in Gozo and other property types that you can choose from: villas, houses of character, townhouses, maisonettes, penthouses, and flats are all for sale in Gozo, many at affordable prices. You can also check out other kinds of property for sale such as open land-plots, as well, if you are interested in building your dream home yourself!

          Houses for Sale in Gozo

          Houses in Gozo come in a wide variety of shapes, styles, and sizes. Unlike homes in Malta, they are generally more spacious and affordable. Villages are small and quaint and one is sure to find a lovely place within the community, and a safe place to give you and your family peace of mind.

          Gozo Apartments and Flats

          One can find a flat or apartment in Gozo almost anywhere upon the island. You can buy a single unit or an entire block. As Gozo attracts plenty of foreign and Maltese tourists each summer, flats are also very convenient to rent out or use as an ‘Air BnB’ if that is something that interests you!

          Gozo Farmhouses

          Gozo is known for its characteristically charming farmhouses that hearken back to how “Old Malta” used to look. Many of them contain pools and are situated upon beautiful plots of land. You can view our listings or read more about Gozo farmhouses!

          Maisonettes in Gozo

          A maisonette is a set of rooms, sometimes occupying two storeys with its own independent entrance separate from the rest of the building. There are dozens of large, spacious, and affordable ones all throughout Gozo. We invite you to explore them or read more about maisonettes.

          Gozo Houses of Character

          Houses of Character are rare and gorgeous places to make your home in Gozo in, and are often centuries old. They are usually adorned with traditional architectural features like magnificent stone arches, intricately patterned tiles, courtyards, and old troughs. Such Houses of Character stem back centuries and reflect the rich beauty, history, and cultural heritage that Gozo is well known for. Interested in houses of character? View our listings or read more about buying a house of character before taking the plunge.

          Gozo Townhouses

          A townhouse is generally a narrow and tall terraced house built in a traditional style, with three or more storeys. Here, they are typically graced by the characteristic Maltese balconies and small, sweet gardens. The townhouses in Gozo are especially attractive, generally having much more land around them than in Malta.

          Villas in Gozo

          Stemming from ancient Roman times, a villa indicates a large, luxurious house on sprawling property. It may or may not also possess a farm or smaller buildings arranged around a central location or courtyard. Gozo’s villas are charming and are often situated in areas with breathtaking views and vistas. They almost always include a swimming pool and large, spacious areas to be used for entertaining.

          Gozo Real Estate Listings

          You are one step away from buying your home in Gozo! Take advantage of the rich and affordable property market in Gozo and visit our offices or contact our agents today to view all of our listings and see the many different Gozo homes for sale. Tell us what you want so that we can help you build your Gozitan home of dreams!


          Gozo Property for Sale

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