5 Ways to Rent your Property Fast

Are you struggling to find a tenant for your rental property? The following 5 tips will guide you on the best way to rent your property fast and find tenants effortlessly!

Take Eye-Catching Photos of your Rental Property

As we all know, visuals, particularly striking ones, are the first to grab people’s attention. Therefore, it is vital that the photos you provide when trying to rent your property make it look as inviting and welcoming as possible. Remember, your audience will most likely look through the provided photos before even reading detailed information about your property, and so, the better the pictures, the more renters you’ll have knocking on your door.

The following are some ways to ensure that your pictures are of the utmost quality to help you rent your property:

  • When possible, hire a professional photographer, or else read up on how to take good photos yourself.
  • Make sure to use a manual camera- using your phone camera will not cut it in this case!
  • Angles are key: ensure the photos look clean and adequately framed so potential tenants can imagine living there and making the space their own.

Make sure your Property is up to Standard

This may seem obvious, but making sure that your property looks its best is central to successfully renting out your home. You wouldn’t go to an important event before making sure that you look your best, so why would you expose your property to potential clients without making sure it’s on its A-game?

This can be done in a number of different ways. First and foremost, make sure that basics such as any repainting of both exterior and interior, is carried out. Prioritise lighting by making sure that all lightbulbs are in working order and letting in natural light where possible. The next step would be to stay on top of maintenance and repairs, as well as updating any appliances that may seem slightly outdated. Remember, nowadays, items such as dishwashers and air conditioners are considered essential, and will definitely boost your chances of renting out your property faster.

Make your Property Listing as Detailed as Possible

It is very likely that tenants will have a specific list of what they’re looking for in a property. Therefore, if you make sure to provide and clearly indicate all the aspects and items found in your property, you will have a higher chance of checking all your client’s boxes and getting your home rented out quicker!

Details you should Include in your Listing Description


  • Dimensions for all your rooms
  • Type of flooring (hardwood, carpeted etc.)
  • Are there any restrictions, such as pet restrictions?
  • Air conditioning (a definite must in Malta!)
  • Dishwashers/washing machines/dryers
  • Balconies, yards or patios
  • Any additional amenities, especially if your property is in an apartment complex
  • Neighbourhood vibe
  • Location and access to public transportation/main nearby places

Rent your Property at the Right Market Price

Local (and global) demand and supply are always changing, thus causing a fluctuation in different rental markets. It is therefore imperative that you stay up to date with the status of your local rental market so that you successfully meet rental price expectations.
Of course, underselling your property is never a good idea, however, be careful not to drive away any potential tenants by making your price unrealistically high, which will keep your property vacant for a potentially long period of time. Therefore, balance is key if you wish to rent your property sooner rather than later.

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