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What is a Maisonette?

The purchasing of maisonettes is becoming increasingly popular in Malta, however, it is still sometimes confused with other types of property. So, what exactly is a maisonette? Basically, when buying a maisonette, you are obtaining a piece of property which is part of a larger structure, and generally, this is a sizeable building. While this may sound similar and is often mixed up with the meaning of an apartment, the main advantage of a maisonette is that you can have access to your own entrance from the outside, while flats or apartments usually have a common entrance.

Maisonette vs. Terraced House traditional terraced house

Maisonettes and terraced houses are yet another two different types of properties that can be confused with each other. In fact, they could be rather similar in nature, however, the following are some of their key differences:


  • Maisonettes are typically smaller than terraced houses.
  • The building itself is usually shared with neighbours.
  • If the maisonette has a garden, this may also be shared with neighbours.
  • Since the maisonette is typically smaller and less private than a terraced house, it could come at a lower price range.
  • Maisonettes are usually one level unless it is a duplex maisonette, unlike terraced houses that are usually split over 2 or 3 levels.

Now that we’ve identified the difference between a maisonette itself and other types of property, it is important to note that even maisonettes come in different forms and have various amenities which vary from one type to the other. The following are some examples:

Different types of Maisonettes

Duplex Maisonette

If you are seeking out more space for you and your family, this would be the ideal type of maisonette for you, because the property covers a two-storey structure. Moreover, there is a higher chance that you will have access to a shared or full roof terrace in a duplex maisonette, where you can host gatherings for your family and friends. Basically, the main advantage of the duplex however is the increase in spaciousness.

Maisonette with Own Roof

Some maisonettes come with their very own roof as well, which you would not need to share with your neighbours living in the same complex. This is ideal for having some privacy, enjoying the views from the roof, and hosting gatherings, BBQ’s and get-togethers or parties for your family and friends.

Ground Floor Maisonette vs First-Floor Maisonette

What is the difference between a ground-floor maisonette and a first-floor maisonette? As the name itself indicates, a ground-floor maisonette is at ground level, meaning, at street level, whereas a first-floor maisonette would be one storey above ground level (and accessed by a staircase). There are some things to consider while deciding whether to purchase a ground-floor or a first-floor maisonette:


  • Living on street level (therefore in a ground floor maisonette), can mean some extra noise coming from the street, however, it is not to be easily dismissed, as due to this, they are often also cheaper.
  • A ground floor maisonette may be responsible for the foundations of the building.
  • On the other hand, a first-floor maisonette may be responsible for roof and guttering.
  • Ultimately, both properties are usually included in the responsibility taking care of communal areas, and the general upkeep of the building, specifically if maisonette owners have access to the lift and roof.

Solitary Maisonette

As the name itself suggests, a solitary maisonette is the only residential unit in the building. However, there sometimes might be a garage or some type of commercial business on the lower level, or else, some other unit which is not residential and is owned separately from the maisonette. Put simply, in a solitary maisonette, you will be the only resident (and therefore, the only person living), in the building. This can have some obvious advantages and disadvantages. One advantage is that you can have more peace, quiet and privacy, especially during night-time, but a disadvantage may be that you could feel safer if you had some close neighbours.

Maisonettes with Garden and Maisonettes with Pool

Some maisonettes also come with access to a garden or a pool. Just like the roof-top terrace mentioned above, these may either be shared or private, depending on the type of property you purchase. However, they are definitely great luxurious commodities. Whether you are a person living alone, a couple, or else a family, you will certainly enjoy relaxing by the pool after a hard day’s work or enjoying some peace and quiet in your own garden.

In conclusion, maisonettes come in all shapes and sizes, can be found on several floors, and offer varying degrees of privacy. They can also come with considerable luxuries and amenities, which can make your experience residing in them even more enjoyable. What is certain, however, is that no matter what your particular case or living situation may be, there is certainly a type of maisonette that is just right for you and your loved ones!

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