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          Penthouses for Sale in Malta

          Penthouses for Sale in Malta

          For many, owning a penthouse in Malta is a dream come true. They have long been desired as glamorous and stylish homes and are also considered long term real estate investments. In the past, they were usually reserved for only the very wealthy, but here in Malta many come within the affordable price range!


          If you are considering purchasing a penthouse in Malta, take time to consider all of the different elements to the decision. They are highly sought-after properties, but there are both advantages and disadvantages to purchasing one. So be smart and do your homework, first.


          What is a Penthouse?


          luxury penthouse


          Many ask whether a penthouse is an apartment. Actually, a  penthouse is a flat that takes up the entire top floor of a building. They often have high ceilings and outdoor terraces and balconies. Penthouses are highly  desirable because they are spacious, private, and the penthouses here in Malta also often provide a lovely sea view.


          So the answer to the question: “Is a penthouse an apartment?” is yes, but a very luxurious and special one.


          What is a Luxury Penthouse?


          Luxury penthouses are top-of-the-line and among the most beautiful homes on the market. They include many extra amenities and provide access to such luxurious facilities as swimming pools, hot tubs, BBQ areas, and gyms. They often also have private lifts. All you need for high-class living!


          What is a Duplex Penthouse?


          The meaning of the word “duplex”, as it is traditionally understood, indicates two connected units situated in the same building. With regards to the meaning of “duplex penthouse” they are still traditional penthouses, that is, they take up the entire top floor of a building. But they also are often two separate units linked by a common wall. Usually, the owner rents out one of the units, although, of course, they can rent both.


          Duplex Penthouses in Malta


          There are many duplex penthouses available in Malta, as well. If you search through Excel’s listings, you can find some magnificent ones! They are airy and bright and situated throughout Malta in regions as varied as Naxxar, St Julians, Sliema, and Birkirkara. Some are fully furnished, which is an additional perk.



           Is a Penthouse Worth It?


          It is up to you to consider whether buying a penthouse in Malta is worth it, but you should consider both the advantages and disadvantages of such a purchase.


          ADVANTAGES of owning a Penthouse

          • Exclusivity
          • Spacious Outdoor Areas
          • Rooftop Amenities
          • High class Living, World Class Comfort
          • Easy Access to Restaurants, Shopping, Malls, etc.
          • Increased Privacy
          • Decreased Noise
          • No One Lives Above You
          • Uses the Best Insulation Malta


          As you can see, the advantages of owning a penthouse in Malta are many. They provide more beautiful views and privacy from neighbour than traditional flats do. Plus, they offer a much greater level of comfort!. Nothing beats a beautiful rooftop for family gatherings and parties–especially if it is connected to a barbeque and pool! It is also wonderful not having anyone living above you.


          DISADVANTAGES of owning a Penthouse

          • Higher Prices
          • More Maintenance Concerns
          • Long Elevator Ride
          • Near Malta’s Crowded Urban Centres
          • Greater Exposure to the Elements
          • More Insulation Expense
          • Water Pressure


          Of course, it is also important to consider the disadvantages of purchasing a penthouse. They definitely require more effort than standard apartments and one can be set apart from one’s neighbours a little more. More amenities means more maintenance (especially with a private elevator), and, of course, that means more expense. As Malta can be quite hot in the summer and cold in the winter, one must factor the cost of proper air conditioning and insulation in as well. Issues such as water pressure also need to be kept under careful consideration; however, any issues can usually be solved with the installation of a water pump. You also have to make sure that the surrounding neighbourhood is quiet enough to suit your needs–make sure that you are not so near loud noises, such as church bells, that will prove deafening.


          You also want to take into consideration what direction your windows are facing. Try to find something north, as it provides greater relief from the sun and more access to cooling breezes.


          However, all of these concerns to the side, we still think that the investment in a penthouse is worth it! The views alone are sublime–and nothing beats sky-high ceilings and wide, private outdoor spaces.


          Penthouses For Sale in Malta


          Our penthouses range in style from large one-room studios to giant, luxurious duplexes atop high rise buildings, and it is certain that we can find one to accommodate both your lifestyle and needs. Please visit our Excel Homes Real Estate’s Office or peruse our listings of penthouses in Malta online. Having the right real estate agent is vital in finding your dream home. Call or email our offices today!


          If purchasing a penthouse in Malta would be your first home, Excel Homes can also help.  Our friendly, expert real estate agents can help you qualify for government schemes that provide substantial savings for your new penthouse!


          Please contact us so we can get started helping you right away!

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