The Regions of Malta: Living in the North of Malta

The North of Malta is probably one of the most beautiful areas you can choose to live in the entire country. On the one hand, you have fun and active areas with plenty to do, and on the other hand, there are many villages that are less crowded, less developed, and less busy than the south and central regions. The North of Malta has plenty to offer, so do yourself a favour and take some time to explore and get to know these different destinations. It is likely you may find a beautiful home there!


Mġarr is a lovely little hamlet that’s not quite secluded, but far enough away from the hustle and bustle of Malta’s more southern towns. It has some lovely restaurants and wine bars (Nenu’s and Tomabnina being especially popular), and it is situated within walking distance to Għajn Tuffieħa, one of Malta’s more lovely beaches that possesses some lovely trekking trails, as well. It is also a short drive away from Golden Bay, another wonderful beach, offering wonderful snorkelling experiences.

If you like Archaeology, then Mġarr is certainly one of the more wonderful places to live. It boasts not one, but two megalithic temples from the Neolithic era–Skorba being the oldest one in Malta and ta’ Hagrat being a lovely picturesque one situated near the parish Church. There are also Punic and Roman-era tombs in the nearby fields and in the neighbouring village of Bingemma, which is near the Victoria lines and offers spectacular views of the valley. Mġarr also boasts a fascinating field of Malta’s famous cart ruts, with the deepest ones being held in this town.

Another plus about living in Mġarr is that one is situated right in the middle of Malta’s farms–so fresh, delicious and affordable produce is available all year round! You could do far worse than living in this quiet, friendly village. Many people choose to live here just because of the open air and peaceful environment.

Commuting from Mġarr

Mġarr isn’t the most convenient place to commute from, but the plus side is that there isn’t too much traffic and it is relatively easy to drive to nearby villages such as Mosta, Mdina, and Rabat. There are also direct buses to Valletta, the University, and the Ċirkewwa Gozo ferry terminal.

The Benefits and Disadvantages of living in Mgarr

Here are a few reasons why you might consider living in Mgarr:

  • It’s a beautiful village with some remaining affordable houses
  • It’s ideal if you’re after a location that offers peace and quiet
  • It’s close to a number of beaches
  • It  has some Archaeological History if you’re a history buff

Here are some reasons that might dissuade you from moving to Mgarr:

  • It is not located in a central area so there is a bit of a drive to get to central towns that offer night life or shopping areas
  • It poses a commuting challenge to some extent, due to the traffic congestion in surrounding areas
  • Not Much Nightlife if you are into long nights out
  • There aren’t as many properties available as other more central areas.

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Although some areas in this village can become somewhat crowded, some parts of Mellieha are situated away from the main centre and have both lovely views, sea breeze, and peace and quiet. Situated high upon a hill,  Mellieħa has among the most spectacular vistas in Malta. There are very popular beaches here in the summertime and other places one can explore outdoors, such as the Ghadira Nature Reserve (which focuses on birds) and the Foresta 2000 Nature Reserve. Mellieħa is also conveniently located near the ferries to Gozo and Comino, so one feels attached to both of Malta’s main islands.

There are many fun things to do in Mellieħa, especially a large selection of restaurants and at least five nearby hotels that have wonderful spas and offer gym, massage, pool and sauna experiences. Saint Agatha’s Tower (c. 1649), one of Malta’s more picturesque sites in the north of Malta, is also located within Mellieħa. The nearby Selmun palace (known as the Knights of Malta’s “secret garden”) and beach are also fantastic places to live nearby to.

Mellieħa is filled with cultural attractions, too. Our Lady of the Grotto, Tuna Museum. Most popular with children is the nearby Popeye’s Village.  Ghadira Bay is also a lovely swimming spot and a great place to watch the sunrise. Many people choose to live here for these cultural attractions alone.

Commuting from Mellieħa

Commuting along the coast road by car is an easy and enjoyable ride. It is the most beautiful road in Malta and extends all the way from the Cirkewwa Gozo Ferry terminal in the north to Birzebugga in the South–passing through many of Malta’s more urban areas.

The Benefits and Disadvantages of living in Mellieha

Here are a few reasons why you might consider living in Mellieha:

Sandy Beach
Fun Nightlife
Beautiful Views

Here are some reasons that might dissuade you from moving to Mellieha:

Very crowded in the Summer
More traffic than other villages
Many tourists

Properties in Mellieħa

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St Paul’s Bay

St Paul’s Bay is especially popular among foreigners. It has at least five major ESL schools, so the area attracts a diversity of people from around the world. There is an abundance of restaurants, bars, cafes, and trendy stores, so there is plenty to keep you occupied during the day and nightlife options are plentiful, as well. Fascinatingly, the area’s Dolmen Hotel (in the Qawra area) houses an authentic Neolithic Temple that is free and open to the public.

St. Paul’s Bay is also the area famously believed to be where St Paul was shipwrecked n the Maltese Islands, while he was on his way from Jerusalem to Rome. Today, a lovely little chapel on the shore commemorates the event.

Many people choose to live in St Paul’s Bay just for the convenience of all of the nearby shops, restaurants, schools, shore, and public transportation. There’s also a thriving night-life–do explore St Paul’s as you search for your perfect home.

Commuting from St Paul’s Bay

Also situated near the Coast Road, commuting from St Paul’s Bay is not much of a hassle, and if you take the bus, there is a convenient bus terminal located not far from the shore.

The Benefits and Disadvantages of living in St Paul’s Bay

Here are a few reasons why you might consider living in St Paul’s Bay:

Plenty of shopping areas
Many restaurants
Diverse nightlife

Here are some reasons that might dissuade you from moving to St Paul’s Bay

Crowds in the Summer
Many Tourists
Traffic Congestion

Properties in St Paul’s Bay

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