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          The Regions of Malta: Living in the South of Malta

          The Regions of Malta: Living in the South of Malta

          The southern region of Malta is likely the most convenient region to live in in the entire country. There is access to plenty of employment, entertainment, and necessities, and being within a 30 minute commute to Valletta provides a resident far more opportunities to engage in important activities than being more distant.


          Although the south has its own challenges– particularly with traffic and crowds– the advantages of being situated near a plethora of convenient shops, restaurants and institutions allows for a more enriched experience. Do yourself a favour and take some time to explore and get to know these different destinations. It is likely you may find a beautiful home there!


          Region 1: The Three Cities / Cottonera

          The Three Cities (also known as Cottonera) are three adjacent areas near the Grand Harbour: Birgu (Vittoriosa), Senglea (Isla), and Bormla (Cospicua). Conveniently located a brief ferry ride away from Valletta, the Three Cities offer a beautiful alternative to the hustle and bustle of living in the capital. The Three Cities are also rich in history and culture, boasting beautiful architecture and traditional features and houses, in winding narrow streets and beautiful, historical surroundings.


          Region 2:Marsaxlokk


          Marsaxlokk is known as Malta’s fishing village, and it lives up to its name. Fishing vessels are continually going in and out of the small harbour and the area boasts some of Malta’s finest seafood restaurants. Its population is nearly 4,000, but the area gets quite crowded in the summer with the influx of tourists, especially because of the town’s famous open air market. If you like nightlife, Marsaxlokk can be quite lively during the evening. However, if you prefer peace and quiet, there are some lovely places nearby to escape to, especially St Peter’s Pool.


          St Peter's Pool


          Commuting from Marsaxlokk


          Unfortunately, Marsaxlokk isn’t the most convenient place to commute from. Traffic can be quite heavy, but two buses do run to the village. One, the 210, travels near the hospital and university down from Birkikarra in the north to Birzebugga in the south, and the other, the TD10, runs directly from Valletta to Marsaxlokk on the weekends.


          Pros and Cons of Living in Marasxlokk



          Great seafood


          Near St. Peter’s Pool




          Commuting Challenge

          Crowded with Tourists in the Summer

          A lot of development



          Check out our listings to the various properties in Marsaxlokk. Everything from empty plots of land to farmhouses to penthouse apartments are available at a wide range of prices.


          Region 3: Marsaskala


          Although some parts of this village are growing in development and the area by the shore can be somewhat crowded, there are some simply breathtaking areas in Marsaskala. Many homes boast lovely, open-air sea views. There are also some very beautiful beaches in the area, especially by St Thomas’s Bay and Żonqor Point. Although located in the far southeast area of Malta, it is only half an hour’s drive to Valletta, and it is a central bus terminus. Its population hovers around 10,000 in the winter, and with tourists grows to 20,000 during the Summer- so there is always plenty of hustle and bustle and people around. It is also a great place for children, with four large playgrounds. A large selection of quality restaurants make living in Marsaskala a delight.


          Commuting from Marsaskala


          As long as there is no traffic, commuting from Marsaskala to Valletta or Sliema should be under thirty minutes. However, traffic is a growing problem in Malta, and so the same commute to these villages can grow to one hour or even more. The only public transportation options available are buses, which face the same problems in traffic.


          Pros and Cons of Living in Marascala




          Wonderful Views

          Excellent restaurants

          Lovely swimming

          Great place for children





          Many tourists in the Summer

          Can be crowded

          Growing in development



          Properties in Marsaskala


          Marsaskala tends to be an affordable region in which to live. Check out our listings to find a home best suited for you!


          Region 4: Zurrieq


          Zurrieq is a picturesque little hamlet located near the southwestern coast of Malta. It is located near the gorgeous Blue Grotto and not too far from the Neolithic Temples of Ħaġar Qim and Mnajdra. One quaint little feature of this sweet town is the fact that it contains at least four historical windmills. Although it has 12,000 residents, it doesn’t feel crowded, and there is a wonderful ex-pat community.


          Commuting from Zurrieq


          With no traffic, Zurrieq is only a 20-30 minute drive to Valletta. Unfortunately, traveling from Zurrieq by bus isn’t the most convenient. One must take two buses and the trip can take over an hour.


          Pros and Cons of living in Zurrieq




          Living near the beautiful west coast


          Great community




          Difficulty with public transportation

          Not many amenities

          Not much nightlife



          Properties in Zurrieq

          Home to a number of character houses and townhouses, you’re bound to find a beatiful property in this picturesque village, such as this house of Character currently available in Zurrieq. If you’re interested in browsing properties in this area, check out our listings.


          There can be many advantages to living in the south of Malta.  Pay a visit to our offices or contact our agents for more information.

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