Terraced Houses for Sale in Malta

What is a Terraced House?

Globally, terraced houses are typically built in a continuous row of uniform size and interior (with the exception of end terraces, which might be larger or smaller), with other properties sharing their external walls on either side.

Terraced Houses in Malta

Terraced houses in Malta are usually newer constructions, roughly between 20 and 60 years old, having been introduced to the archipelago after World War II. They continue to be built today and are therefore more commonly found in new neighbourhoods. With at least two or three storeys, anywhere from three to seven bedrooms (some with built-in wardrobes), and often boasting a garden or backyard to the front, rear, or side of the house (sometimes fitted with pools or transformed into entertainment areas), their spaciousness makes them a popular choice for large families or individuals who require that extra space for hosting or side projects.  Most also come with a driveway or underground garage.


What makes a Terraced House Unique?

What sets terraced houses in Malta apart is that while uniformity seems to be the standard overseas, this isn’t the case in Malta, where architects and designers often get very creative with both the exterior and interior of these sought-after properties. It’s common, in fact, to find a fusion of both traditional and modern features, such as large entrance halls built in a classic Maltese architectural style with French doors leading to a landscaped garden, and Roman or Moorish arches at the entrances to these rooms featuring refurbished traditional Maltese tile with impressive staircases showcasing Maltese craftsmanship in the form of intricate wrought balustrades.

Another distinction between terraced houses abroad and those in Malta is, that while many do shoulder other properties on either side, some are semi-detached; others still are fully detached.


Terraced house vs. Townhouse  townhouse in malta

As alluded to earlier, terraced houses in Malta are more likely to be found in newer residential areas with a more suburban environment. This differs from townhouses, which are typically located in the heart of town and are known for their historical features, such as xorok (stone slab ceilings), kileb (corbels), and the traditional wooden Maltese balcony. Furthermore, while they do share a similar layout, terraced houses are, for the most part, larger than townhouses, as well as newer and therefore cheaper to maintain, the majority of the latter having been built in the early 20th century.

Terraced house vs. House of Character

Even older than the townhouse is the house of character, which is usually anywhere from 100 to 500 years old and must have some exclusively Maltese architectural features intact in order to be classified as such. As products of a bygone era, most houses of character must be converted in order to accommodate modern living. This is rarely the case with terraced homes, as the majority are rarely over 60 years old, and thus would require few, if any, upgrades.

Terraced house vs. Maisonette

The maisonette is the hybrid of the real estate industry, combining the size and style of an apartment, with the private entrance and outdoor space of a small house. While a desirable home for one or two individuals, it cannot compare to a terraced house in terms of space and versatility, both indoors and outdoors.


Modern Terraced House

Because most terraced houses aren’t more than a few decades old and are in fact still being built to this day, finding a modern one isn’t a tall order. Even those that could use a facelift, need minimal work in order to meet most people’s criteria, so those seeking an easy move-in, needn’t worry much in the way of modernizing or renovating. Of course, upmarket developments, such as rooftop pools, terraces, and modern balconies come with a heftier price tag. Many prospective owners envision transforming rooftops, which traditionally served as washrooms, into decks or patios with hot tubs.

It’s worth noting that while some of these properties have a closed plan layout with clear room segregation, others feature one large single space with room demarcations, such as arches, with doors reserved solely for bedrooms and bathrooms.

Investing in a Terraced House

Second only to flats, terraced houses are one of the most popular housing styles being built in Malta today, with a 43% increase in permits for their construction as of 2018, so there’s no shortage of options. Furthermore, with the 2018 introduction of subsidies, they are an attractive option for most people’s budgets. Naturally, prices vary depending on location and amenities, as factors such as ocean views, proximity to the beach, and private pools can jack up the price.

For those seriously considering purchasing one, it’s important to bear in mind that buying a terraced house with the intention to replace it with a block of flats (such as a four-unit block with a penthouse) in order to turn it into a profitable rental investment, one must avoid making such a purchase in a UCA (Urban Conservation Area), as such land is protected and further development is prohibited.


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Terraced Houses for Sale in Malta

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