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          Types of Property in Malta and Gozo.

          Types of Property in Malta and Gozo.

          Malta and Gozo have several different property types that vary in size, amenities, and character. This article looks at the similarities and distinguishing features of the various property types available in Malta and Gozo.

          Apartments in Malta and Gozo

          Apartment or flats is the term used in Malta, are a widespread property type on the Islands and can be found in most localities of Malta and Gozo.

          Apartment blocks can come in different units, but many have three and six separate flats total. Apartments in Malta typically take up one floor of an apartment building, exceptions to these being duplex apartments, which take up two floors, and triplex apartments, taking up three.

          Where ownership of the common areas of the building is shared, the owners share the expenses. The Condominium Act governs this type of apartment in Malta.

          Maisonettes in Gozo and Malta

          A maisonette in Malta and Gozo is similar to an apartment in that it tends to occupy one floor of a block of multiple units and can be of a similar size.

          Maisonettes are, however, different from apartments in that they do not share a common entrance, having their door to exit the building, although they can sometimes share a few common areas like a rooftop or shaft.

          Maisonettes do not generally come in blocks of more than three units, with the ground floor unit often having an outdoor space like a garden or yard and the top unit having full or partial use of the roof and airspace.

          Maisonettes in Malta can also occupy two floors. This is called a duplex maisonette with other occupants above or below them.

          If a building here in Malta consists of only one maisonette, this is known as a solitary maisonette.

          Townhouses in Malta and Gozo

          Townhouses generally date back to the first half of the twentieth century and are usually situated in the older parts of Maltese towns and villages. Townhouses are typically built over two or more floors but do not often have two bedrooms.

          Townhouses have many typical features, such as a vast entrance hall with rooms on either side and a small garden or yard.

          Townhouses also have many traditional Maltese features, such as wooden balconies and apertures, stone arches, and patterned tiles.

          Terraced Houses in Malta and Gozo

          Terraced houses can appear similar to townhouses but are usually newer constructions, having been especially popular in the decades following the Second World War. They commonly share walls with properties on either side. While they may have a similar layout to a townhouse, they tend to be more spacious, often having multiple bedrooms. They can also have traditional features such as patterned tiles and ironwork, and many have a front porch and a small garden.

          Farmhouses in Malta and Gozo

          Farmhouses in Malta are often older properties, with some being up to 500 years old. They are, therefore, usually found in older parts of villages, and they are a more common type of property in Gozo.

          Having been used for farming purposes, they may have particular features such as feeding troughs and typical architectural features such as wooden beams and arches.

          Farmhouses can be found on the market. They have become fashionable properties to refurbish to modern standards, with materials such as steel and concrete being used in more recent renovations.

          Farmhouses today can be luxurious properties with private pools, stylish architectural features and all the modern comforts.

          House of Character in Malta and Gozo

          Houses of character are historic properties that are often hundreds of years old, with many dating back to the time of the Knights. While farmhouses tend to be located in rural settings or on the outskirts of towns and villages, houses of character are more often found in urban areas, especially in the older village cores.

          Houses of character can include smaller townhouses and grand palazzos, all having historic features. The emphasis with such properties is on nature, a Maltese setting that might consist of patterned tiles and Maltese quality.

          Many character houses have been converted, bringing together the historical with modern elements.

          Villas of Malta and Gozo

          Villas are considered luxury properties and are usually built on a large land area, often fully detached. They, therefore, tend to be surrounded by grounds that include gardens, swimming pools and outdoor entertainment areas.

          Villas in Malta usually have at least three or four bedrooms and such amenities as an oversised garage, basement, indoor pool, or gym space. These Villas are situated in particular areas of Malta, such as Madliena and Kappara, or central locations such as Attard and Naxxar.

          Penthouses in Malta and Gozo

          Penthouses here in Malta and Gozo are generally exclusive and luxurious types of accommodation built atop an apartment block. They are set back from the rest of the structure, allowing for a terrace space to be used as an entertainment area. Although developers build duplex penthouses over two floors, they usually take up one floor, connected by an internal staircase. Being top floor apartments, they tend to get more light than lower floors and can sometimes have spectacular views, depending on their location and elevation.

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