Gozo Farmhouses for Rent

Many Maltese nationals and foreigners would agree that modern life can often feel overwhelming, on both a personal and global level. It’s ergo only natural that many seek reprieve, however brief, from everyday stressors. Booking  a Gozo Farmhouse for rent is one popular way to achieve this, as Malta’s quainter sister island is described by many as an escape to a simpler time, and with its slower pace, friendly locals, picturesque villages, and breathtaking natural beauty, it’s not hard to see why.

But the great potential for outdoor activities and vibrant village feasts are not the only reason why many flock to this Mediterranean gem. Gozitan housing in itself is a treat, and the farmhouses are particularly appealing to those who want to experience Gozo in a more traditional fashion, with many of these remarkable abodes dating back to the early 1600s.


Why Rent a Gozo farmhouse?

While Excel Homes Real Estate takes pride in its ability to connect sellers of Gozo farmhouses with prospective buyers, it also provides ample assistance to those just wishing to experience a Gozo farmhouse while visiting the island, such as Maltese families who travel to Gozo for a weekend or extended holiday, as well as foreigners, who wisely decide Gozo warrants more than a day trip during their stay on the Maltese archipelago.


Indeed, farmhouses are an excellent choice not only for those seeking the historic and pastoral charm they’re famous for, but also for those traveling in large groups, as few other dwellings offer the space, both indoors and outdoors, that farmhouses do.


Factors to consider when Booking your Gozo Farmhouse for Rent

Bedrooms and Bathrooms

While most farmhouses are fairly spacious, they’re notorious for their uniqueness, partly due to the haphazard additions and/or alterations done to accommodate the needs of the farmhouse’s original inhabitants.  This means it would be unwise to assume every farmhouse has a set number of bedrooms and bathrooms, and should be the first inquiry potential renters make. It’s not unusual, however, to find four or more bedroom and bathroom farmhouses, which is why they’re such a popular choice among big families and large groups of friends.


Renting a Gozo Farmhouse with a Pool

Another important criterion would be whether or not the farmhouse in question has been fitted with a pool. While some more adventurous renters might only use their farmhouse as a place to sleep and spend the majority of the day exploring the island, others have a more relaxing holiday in mind and intend to spend most of their time within their accommodation. For this latter kind of holidaymaker, a farmhouse with a pool would probably rank substantially higher on the list of considerations. Thankfully, the majority of Gozo farmhouses do in fact come with a pool, so it’s unlikely that need wouldn’t be met. A handful of them even come with an indoor pool, a point worth looking into when booking a trip to Gozo in Winter.


Farmhouses with a View

As most would probably envision at the mention of a farmhouse, numerous Gozo farmhouses are located in rural areas with staggering countryside views, a treat not lost on many Maltese nationals who lament the ever-growing lack of greenery in neighbouring Malta. However desirable this might sound to some, others may wish for a view of the deep blue Mediterranean Sea. It’s therefore advisable to specify your preferred landscape to whichever agency you choose.


Pet-friendly Farmhouses for Rent in Gozo

It’s no secret that the past decade has seen a huge uptick in pet ownership and attachment, with many only half-joking that pets are their kids and demonstrating an unwillingness to part with their beloved fur babies on account of travel. This recent development in human-animal relations has resulted in many businesses facilitating this trend, with pet-friendly airlines and accommodations becoming increasingly common. For an extra fee, many Gozo farmhouse owners allow pets to join their human tenants on their island getaway. It’s important to inquire about this, however, as not all farmhouses offer this perk.


Accessibility & Proximity

One last crucial factor to consider would be the farmhouse’s proximity to the nearest village. While not really an issue to fret over if one has access to a car or a large taxi budget, or perhaps enjoys a long walk, it’s potentially problematic if none of the above applies to the tenant(s) and the farmhouse is in a remote area. Even if the tenant in question is the stay-at-home kind with no desire to explore the area, access to restaurants and/or grocery stores would likely prove to be a necessity at some point during the tenant(s)’ stay. Hence, it would be wise to ask about this during the booking phase.


Short let vs. long let of a Gozo Farmhouse

While short lets are undoubtedly a more common demand, there are those who desire to spend an extended period of time on this little island paradise. Some wish to get away from a hectic lifestyle and work remotely in a peaceful setting. Others contemplate living in Gozo and wish to give it a trial run before committing to it. Whatever the case, this category of people would benefit from a long let arrangement.

Excel Homes Real Estate can help you meet both your short and long let needs. Whether you’re planning a couple’s weekend getaway, a fun-filled family weeklong trip, a big birthday bash with a large group of friends, or an extended months-long stay, Excel Homes can help you find the perfect farmhouse with all the desired elements and amenities to fit your needs. Call us now at our Gozo office.

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