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          Gozo Farmhouses For Sale

          Gozo Farmhouses For Sale

          With the pace of the world becoming ever faster and ever more chaotic, it’s no wonder so many seek the therapeutic effects of a tranquil setting, and what better place to find that than in Malta’s smaller sister island of Gozo, a tiny Mediterranean gem with unbridled natural beauty and a people famed for their hospitality and culinary skills? With its rural ambience boasting staggering shores and cliffs and largely untouched villages, Gozo provides an excellent escape from the demands of the modern world, whether temporary or permanent, a fact not lost on both the neighbouring Maltese and foreigners alike, who bask in the peace as much as the active lifestyle Gozo enables, where island trekking, underwater sports and village feasts abound.

          Excel Homes can help make this dream a reality by connecting potential buyers and renters with sellers and lessors of beautiful and unique Gozo farmhouses for rent or for sale, some of which date back to as far as the early 1600s.


          Gozo Farmhouses: A Brief History

          The Gozitan Farmhouse (Maltese: razzett) shares many style similarities with its Maltese counterparts, with one key difference – its location. Often secluded in the countryside with breathtaking landscape or seascape views, this type of dwelling would have been frequently targeted by raiding pirates, so strategic construction to deter such attacks can be seen in their windowless facades, thick double walls, and wall-to-wall neighboring farmhouses.

          The Dual Role of the Gozo Farmhouse

          As its name implies, the Gozo Farmhouse traditionally served as both a farm and a house for the farmer’s family and animals. The ground floor typically housed sheep, goats, cattle, and donkeys, which acted as a primitive form of underfloor heating for the upper floor, occupied by the family members. While this might sound unnecessary to those familiar with the infamous heat of the Maltese islands, it was a much-desired element in the winter, when the interior of these abodes turned bone-chillingly cold due to the retained humidity in the limestone walls.

          Indicators of this setup, such as mangers carved into the walls, are still present in these charming Gozo farmhouses, one or more of which Excel Homes would be happy to help you find.


          A Closer Look at Traditional Farmhouses

          Like many archaic Maltese homes, Gozo farmhouses are delightfully quirky, with unexpected nooks and crannies at every turn, rustic arches and wooden beams, and internal courtyards with one or more external staircases leading to the upper floor. The smaller of these homes traditionally have only one room on the upper floor, originally used for airing hay, but larger ones often boast multiple rooms added over time to accommodate growing families. Other features to look out for are birthing chambers (alcoves in which the woman of the house would give birth with the assistance of a doula or midwife), muxrabijiet (singular: muxrabija, the precursor to the traditional Maltese balcony, a peep box which allowed inhabitants to view the goings-on outside without being seen), and the clay roofs known as ballata, built by women.

          Farmhouse vs. Villa

          While traditional Gozitan materials, design, and architecture are an integral part of both farmhouses and villas, the latter are a more recent addition to the island, and are therefore more modern and present a simpler aesthetic. That being said, most Gozo farmhouses have had all the necessary upgrades performed to facilitate modern living, all while keeping their original features intact. For this reason, one seeking a more authentic Gozitan experience would best opt for a farmhouse; however, both options are often very spacious, offer stunning seaside or countryside views, and have private outdoor pools. A few have the added perk of an indoor pool and/or hot tub!


          Gozo farmhouses for Sale

          Owning a Gozo farmhouse is owning a piece of history, so many are tempted by the prospect of investing in one of these gorgeous tributes to the past. Potential buyers have the option to purchase through an agency or direct from owner. Excel Homes takes pride in its ability to facilitate this process, whether the goal is a newly built farmhouse which honours traditional craftsmanship and materials, an original yet restored farmhouse, or the rare unrestored Gozo farmhouse, in which case Excel Homes will provide the right architect to take on the gargantuan yet delicate task of restoring it to meet modern standards.

          Different buyer types

          Buy to reside Permanently

          Often foreign, these buyers invest in one of these unique properties with the goal of living in it permanently and building a life in Gozo.

          Buy as a Getaway Home

          These buyers are often Maltese nationals and appreciate the ability to leave the oft-congested and chaotic neighbouring island of Malta for a weekend or more, in the tranquil Gozitan countryside.   Many expats also choose to retire in Gozo for the laid-back lifestyle and fantastic weather and often opt for a historic home as their dwelling of choice.

          Buy to Rent

          Typically Gozitan residents, these buyers buy Gozo farmhouses with the intent of renting them out to Maltese and foreign holidaymakers alike, often making use of popular booking sites to rent them out, or listing them with real estate agencies for long lets.


          Find a Farmhouse for Sale in Gozo with Excel Homes Real Estate

          Browse our large selection of Gozo farmhouses for sale, or contact Excel Homes Real Estate Gozo, where one of our agents will gladly advise and help you with your search for the ideal Gozo Farmhouse. You are only one call away from your dream home in Gozo.


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