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          Steps to Buying Your New House in Malta

          Steps to Buying Your New House in Malta

          There lies no doubt in the fact that buying a new property is a big decision. There are a lot of factors one should take into consideration. Here is our step by step guide for buying your new home.



          Start your research early. Look through newspapers, online websites and magazines that have house listings. This will help you get accustomed to what is currently on the market.


          Decide on your budget.

          Everyone has their own specific budget when buying a new home. It’s important to work out how much you’re willing to spend at an early stage. This will help narrow down your search.


          Set up an agreement with your bank.

          This goes hand-in-hand with your budget decision. Now it’s time to decide the type of loan you will be taking.


          Choose a real estate agent.

          While it is possible to look for a house on your own, it is not the best idea. With their knowledge and expertise, a real estate agent will guide you through your best choices.


          Start narrowing down your search.

          Start looking at houses that meet your specific criteria. Take your time and choose wisely. Once you’ve found the right home, make an offer.



          Make sure to get your choice inspected and checked for any hidden structural damages. Most times, your real estate agent will help you out with this too.


          Select your loan.

          Now that you’ve settled on the house and the pricing, you can select your loan and finalise it with your bank.


          House appraisal.

          This step is essential to make sure that you are paying a fair price for your home.


          Finalise the paperwork and close the deal.

          Your real estate agent will speed things up here as he/she will take care of all the necessary paperwork. Once all the paperwork and documents are signed, you are ready to MOVE IN!



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