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          A Landlord’s Guide to Renting out Property in Malta

          A Landlord’s Guide to Renting out Property in Malta

          With a steady flow of both long- and short-term visitors to Malta as well as immigrants, the demand for rental homes never ceases. Even young Maltese nationals have been testing the rental waters, preferring to test a relationship or get a taste of independence in a temporary capacity before committing to something more permanent. Given these circumstances, landlords should realistically have no problem keeping their rentals booked. However, there are a few steps one can take to ensure consistent bookings as well as maintain a positive reputation in the rental community.

          The Rental Agreement

            Decide what kind of rental agreement works best for you. Do you want to provide a short-term situation (six months or less) for digital nomads, contractors, and/or students? Or would you prefer a long-term contract (one year or more), usually for a family or set group of people? Alternatively, you could be interested in the holiday-maker scene, marketing your place as a holiday home. The location of your rental is likely to play a large role in the scenario you settle on. It’s worth noting that the perks of long-term agreements are less hassle and more stability, while those of short-term ones are a higher ROI (return on investment) and less concern about tenant compatibility. Whatever you decide, it’s important to know that these different arrangements come with different contract specifications, especially in regards to termination policies. An Excel Homes realtor would be happy to educate you about your rights and requirements as a landlord and help you figure out the best deal for you.

          Additionally, it’s essential to ensure your tenancy agreement is legally sound and registered with the Housing Authority within ten days of signing to avoid potential fines. This step, facilitated by the comprehensive forms available at, solidifies the agreement’s conditions and protects both landlord and tenant rights.

          Transparency between Landlord and Tenant is key

          Whatever arrangement you settle on, it’s important to maintain transparency with all your prospective tenants. Be prepared to provide proof of identity, a reachable contact number, an outline detailing what’s expected of them as tenants, required notice periods, meter readings for water and electricity, and any applicable details about ongoing or upcoming repairs and maintenance. You’ll avoid a lot of potential disputes by establishing an open communication policy from the start. 

          Provide all necessary Amenities in the Rental Property

          The Golden Rule of “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you” is very fitting in the landlord-tenant relationship. Aside from deep-cleaning your rental before every new tenant, make sure plumbing and wiring are up to scratch, safety guidelines are observed (such as providing a fire extinguisher and blanket), essential appliances are available and functional, cracks are sealed to avoid pest infestations, internet service is adequate, basic kitchen utensils are supplied, and a few accents are sprinkled around the place for that homely touch. And while most tenants don’t make a habit of contacting their landlord frequently, be sure to respond in a kind and timely manner when an issue does arise. You are not expected to provide toiletries or food of any kind, but a couple of rolls of toilet paper and perhaps a complimentary bottle or two of water go a long way when welcoming new tenants into your rental home. Holiday-home landlords are known to go the extra mile and sometimes provide a few packaged breakfast items, such as croissants, jam ramekins, teabags, and coffee sachets.


          a Landlord’s Rental Income rental income

          So what kind of profit can you expect as the landlord of a rental property? The rule of thumb is that monthly rent should be at least 2% of the property’s purchase price. Another relevant number to bear in mind is that the expected ROI on a long-let arrangement is around 4-6%; it’s higher for short-let arrangements, though those do require more work and time. These numbers are in addition to the 5% year-on-year capital appreciation of property, so there’s no denying the value of the passive income from investment properties. Of course, rental income is taxed like any other; landlords pay tax on the net rental income, which means her/his total income less any allowable expenses.

          If you’re new to letting in Malta and you’ve just acquired your first investment property or are on the market for one, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed and unsure where to start. At Excel Homes, we pride ourselves in offering only the most capable real estate agents on the island, ready to help you with whatever stage of the process you find yourself in. Contact us now to list your property

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