Apartments in Malta

When it comes to choosing a residence in Malta and Gozo, apartments stand out as a preferred option for many locals due to their versatility, variety, and the lifestyle they offer. This preference is reflected in the wide range of apartment types available, from studio flats suitable for singles or young couples, to large, multi-bedroom units designed for families. Here, we delve deeper into what apartments offer, including their advantages and disadvantages compared to other types of property.

Pros of Apartment Living


Generally, apartments in Malta and Gozo are more affordable than houses or villas, making them an attractive option for first-time buyers or those with a limited budget. People who are living in Malta temporarily, expats living and working in Malta or those that simply do not have the means to purchase a property, usually opt to rent an apartment. Their lower price point both as a rental and a purchase, enables individuals to live in preferred locations that would otherwise be out of reach if considering a house.

Maintenance and Security

Living in an apartment often comes with lower maintenance hassle, as common areas and external repairs are typically managed by the building’s administration. This setup is ideal for those who prefer a more carefree lifestyle or do not have the time for extensive property upkeep. Additionally, apartments, especially those in modern complexes, offer enhanced security features such as gated access, surveillance cameras, and intercom systems, providing peace of mind for residents.


Modern apartment complexes in Malta and Gozo may include amenities that are not commonly found in standalone houses, such as fitness centers, pools, underground parking, and communal gardens. These features offer added convenience and leisure options right at your doorstep.

Cons of Apartment Living

Space Limitations

One of the primary drawbacks of apartment living is the limited space. Apartments typically offer less square footage than houses, which can be a significant downside for larger families or those who value spacious living areas and outdoor spaces like private gardens.

Noise and Privacy

Closeness to neighbors can lead to issues with noise and reduced privacy. Soundproofing may not always be sufficient to block out noises from adjacent units, and balconies or windows may be in close proximity to those of neighboring apartments, affecting personal privacy.

Restrictions and Fees

Apartment living often comes with certain restrictions, particularly in managed complexes. These might include limitations on pet ownership, renovations, or the use of communal areas. Additionally, residents are usually required to pay monthly maintenance fees, which can be a significant addition to the overall cost of living, depending on the amenities and services provided.

In comparison to other property types, such as detached houses or townhouses, apartments in Malta and Gozo offer a convenient, often more affordable entry into the property market.

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