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The Village Where the Sun Rises

Ta’ Xbiex, a picturesque village nestled on the eastern side of the Maltese Islands, offers a tranquil escape with its breathtaking views of the Marsamxett Harbour. The name’s origin remains a mystery, with suggestions linking it to the rising sun or the village’s historical connection to fishing nets.

A Walk Through History

With roots dating back to the Roman era, Ta’ Xbiex boasts a rich history shaped by diverse civilizations, including the Phoenicians, Arabs, Knights of St John, and the British. Despite enduring significant damage during World War II bombings, the resilient community came together to rebuild, preserving the village’s historical charm.

Yachting Hub and Modern Development

Ta’ Xbiex has evolved into a renowned yachting hub, attracting enthusiasts from Malta and beyond. The Royal Malta Yacht Club, a prominent fixture, hosts prestigious events like the Rolex Middle Sea Race. From its origins as a fishing village, Ta’ Xbiex has witnessed modern developments, transforming into a vibrant community with high-rise apartments and hosting offices of insurance, gaming, and auditing companies.

Scenic Beauty and Green Retreats

Beyond its maritime significance, Ta’ Xbiex captivates with a beautiful promenade offering panoramic views of the harbour and the distant Valletta skyline. Green spaces, such as the Ta’ Xbiex Local Council Garden, provide a peaceful retreat in the heart of the village, where residents and visitors alike can enjoy nature amid the urban landscape. Architectural Grandeur and Diplomatic Presence Ta’ Xbiex proudly displays architectural grandeur, with historic houses housing foreign embassies and diplomatic missions. The Wrennery, once the base of the Women’s Royal Naval Service, now known as The Whitehall Mansions, showcases traditional Maltese architecture and hosts embassies, including the Egyptian, Spanish, and Australian representations. The Basilica and St. John of the Cross Church, a Roman-style marvel, became a parish in 1969 and stands out with its unique Crucifix, measuring 420cm high and 240cm wide.

Cultural Celebrations and Vibrant Community Life

Ta’ Xbiex comes alive with cultural celebrations, including the feast of Santa Marija on August 17th, featuring fireworks, music, traditional food, and family activities. The village also hosts the Festa Frawli, or Strawberry Festival, near the Church, celebrating the local harvest with fresh strawberries and delightful delicacies. In conclusion, Ta’ Xbiex, with its blend of historical significance, modern developments, and vibrant cultural life, stands as a unique gem on the Maltese Islands, offering residents and visitors an enriching experience in a picturesque setting.

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