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Nestled on the stunning Maltese coastline, Sliema offers an extraordinary blend of metropolitan vibrancy and serene coastal beauty. The town’s unique charm lies in its ability to seamlessly combine the excitement of city life with the tranquility of its turquoise surroundings.

The Slimizi Lifestyle in Sliema

Within Sliema’s bustling streets, the essence of the Slimizi lifestyle thrives. The term “Sliema” originates from the Maltese word for “peace,” reflecting the harmonious coexistence of urban vitality and soothing coastal landscapes. Here, visitors and locals experience the best of both worlds.

Vibrant Intersection: Culture and Waterfront Delights

Sliema’s bustling promenade, extending to St. Julians, is a captivating blend of culture and waterfront attractions. Along this stretch, vibrant shops mingle with historic landmarks like the Saint Julian’s Tower, a time-honoured watchtower dating back to 1658. The charming Independence Gardens offer a haven of greenery and whimsical cat-filled huts, creating a picturesque backdrop for leisurely strolls.

Coastal Charms: From Marsamxett to Tigne Point

On one side of Sliema, the Mediterranean Sea unfolds, while on the opposite shore lies the historic Marsamxett Harbour. Once a haven for fishermen and sailors, this harbor now reflects the town’s transformation. Tigne Point, once a British military barracks, has evolved into a symbol of luxury living. Overlooking the harbor, it is home to towering estates and Sliema’s vibrant shopping destination, The Point Shopping Mall.

Nostalgia Revived: Sliema Chalet and Seaside Retreats

Beneath the Promenade: Secret Sea Pools and Fond Ghadir

The Sliema Chalet, unfortunately now demolished, was your go-to point of entertainment and freedom of expression back in the day. Found on the Qui-Si-Sana promenade next to the Sliema Fortizza, the platform of Chalet is now just a nostalgia to the older generation, sitting on the benches right above, gossiping their time away.  The rock-cut sea pools, reminiscent of private enclaves, invite visitors to bask in the embrace of calm waters. Fond Ghadir, also known as Roman Baths, offers a secluded haven for a refreshing dip, away from the open sea’s currents. During summer, families and friends gather on the rocky beach, enjoying barbeques under the moonlit sky and savoring meals at waterfront restaurants.

Celebrations & Triumphs: Sliema’s Cultural & Sporting Tapestry

Our Lady Stella Maris & Sacro Cour

Sliema’s cultural identity is deeply rooted in its spiritual traditions. The town is home to five Catholic churches, each a testament to its religious heritage. Notable among these is Our Lady Stella Maris, Malta’s oldest Catholic church, celebrated in August. Another revered celebration is that of Our Lady of the Sacred Heart (Sacro Cour), observed in July. These festivals weave a tapestry of faith and festivity.

Sporting Glory: Football and Water Polo Triumphs

Sliema takes pride in its sporting achievements. The Sliema Wanderers football team is a powerhouse on the field, while the Sliema Aquatic Sports Club boasts an unbeaten record in water polo. These successes underscore the town’s spirit of competition and camaraderie.

Varied Allure: Residences, Education & Hospitality

Although Sliema is quite a residential area, it homes a number of English Language schools, hotels and B&Bs, making it one of Malta’s most touristic towns. One would notice that Sliema is a mix of both an older style which also is home of the older generation and a more modern, luxurious and younger area where all the shops, restaurants, schools and hotels are situated.

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