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Mġarr is one of the most peaceful and beautiful towns in all of Malta. Mġarr is a rural area located in the north near Mosta, Ġnejna Bay and Għajn Tuffieħa, and there are plenty of farms and vineyards in the area. Mġarr also isn’t far from the Cirkewwa ferry to Gozo. Mġarr hosts two important temples from the Neolithic period and is also home to cart ruts and some lovely trekking sites. There are also plenty of wonderful restaurants and wine bars for an active nightlife.

Mġarr: A Walk Through Time

Mġarr has a colourful past, having been settled by the earliest civilization in Malta, as well as the Romans. The oldest temple in Malta, Skorba, is located within the confines of Mġarr. The site also holds one of the very few examples of a domestic shrine, including artifacts that have been construed as an ancient Goddess. Near its church is another ancient site,Ta’ Ħaġrat, from which an important small model of the Neolithic temples was excavated. Centuries later, the Romans constructed Baths on the road from Mġarr to Għajn Tuffieħa, dating to the 1st – 2nd century A.D. Cart ruts in the area may also stem to this time, although they may also be part of an earlier Punic system. Sadly, much of the historical record regarding Mġarr is absent. The name “Mġarr” itself suggests that it was settled during the Arab occupation (870 – 1090 AD), probably by farmers, who introduced the terrace farming technique. It seems it wasn’t settled much during the Knight’s era and was only of importance as an agricultural area during the British occupation. However, it did see action during World War II. This author’s own grandfather and her uncle were chased down Mġarr’s main road by a German fighting plane; they only survived by playing dead!

Mġarr Feasts

Mġarr’s parish church was finished in the 20th century and modeled after Mosta’s rotunda. It, too, boasts a dome, but this one is oval shaped and was paid for with the sale of over 300,000 eggs! Mġarr’s feast is celebrated on 17 August and centers around Santa Marija. At the end of August, Mġarr also holds the Assumption of our Lady Feast that is celebrated with fireworks, music, traditional food and family activities. Mġarr is also home to its exciting Festa Frawli, or Strawberry Festival, which is very popular and also takes place near the Church. Thousands of Mġarr’s fresh and succulent strawberries are packed and sold for the occasion, along with such delicacies like strawberry jam, tarts, and the like. Mġarr’s children also partake in the festivities, offering their own performances.

Mġarr Trekking

There are some wonderful places to trek in Mġarr. Fomm ir-Rih offers spectacular views, while both Ġnejna Bay and Għajn Tuffieħa have relaxing sandy beaches. The nearby Binġemma also has some incredible hikes that takes one past ancient Punic tombs all the way up to the Victoria lines (abandoned 19th century British military fortifications).

Living in Mġarr

Mġarr is a delightful place to live. Mġarr’s secluded, rural environment makes it far quieter and more peaceful than most of Malta, and its nature is sublime. It’s lovely being near the coast, especially during the summer!

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