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Unveiling Mellieha’s Origins and Historical Landmarks

Mellieha, deriving its name from the Maltese word for salt, ‘Melh,’ reflects its historical connection to salt pans in the Ghadira Nature Reserve. Situated atop hills and developed during British rule, this northernmost village showcases relics like Saint Agatha’s Tower (the Red Tower) and Fort Campbell, adding to its historical allure.

Sun, Sand, and Seascapes: Mellieha’s Tourist Hotspots

Renowned for its resorts and sandy beaches, Mellieha captivates tourists, especially during the summer months. Ghadira Bay, boasting the longest sandy beach in Malta, is a favorite with its clear, shallow waters. Explore other hidden gems like Little Armier, Golden Bay, and Riviera, where Golden Bay steals the spotlight as the perfect sunset beach.

Quirky Charm and Rich History: Popeye Village and Beyond

Mellieha’s charm extends to Popeye Village, a film set turned family attraction. Dive into the past at Mellieha’s main piazza, housing a World War II air-raid shelter. For enthusiasts of history and culture, Mellieha’s Il-Vittorja feast on September 8th is a must, featuring grand fireworks displays, food stands, and religious processions.

Mellieha’s Modern Evolution and Luxurious Enclaves

Witnessing continuous development, Mellieha now offers an array of restaurants and shops catering to both locals and tourists. The seaside areas, like Manikata and Santa Maria Estate, showcase a more luxurious side with villas scattered throughout. Mellieha, a retreat for locals and expats alike, offers a serene escape from bustling city life, with panoramic views of valleys, greenery, and the sea.

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