Apartments for rent in Malta and Gozo

Apartments for rent in Malta and Gozo

Looking for an apartment in Malta and Gozo can be a challenging experience, but we at Excel can help you! Our listings of apartments (or flats) to rent in Malta and Gozo, as well as our handy Apartment Hunting Guide will help you find your next beautiful flat!

Apartment Hunting Guide

Things to Consider when looking for a Flat (or Apartment) in Malta or Gozo

Choosing a new village, city or country to move to can be daunting. There is so much to consider: how much one wishes to spend on the monthly rental; how close one needs to be to work; what the schools in the area are like; how much traffic there is; how close it is to natural areas, the sea, and parks; and how easy it is to travel from one region to another via public transportation and car. There is so much to think about, but remember, we at Excel Homes are here to help! Visit our office in Attard, Sliema, Valletta or Gozo to learn more about apartments for rent in both Malta and Gozo!

St Julians Apartment for Rent

Here is a checklist of items to think about when you visit possible new apartments in Malta and Gozo.

Flats for Rent in Malta or Gozo: You choose!

Deciding whether to rent in Malta or Gozo can be an easy or difficult decision, depending on your needs. If you already have a job or school lined up on either island, it’s best to live on that island because commuting is at least an hour by ferry, and often longer. But if you can stay on either one, here are some things to consider:

  1. Nature: Hiking, Swimming, Diving: Finding an apartment in Gozo is better!
  2. Nightlife and Shopping: Renting a flat in Malta is better!
  3. Saving money on rental expenses: Find a flat for rent in Gozo!
  4. Making money and having more professional opportunities: Rent an apartment in Malta!

Different Strokes for Different Folks:  Choosing the Perfect  Malta or  Gozo Neighbourhood

Once you decided on which island to live on, you have to narrow down the list of neighbourhoods you are interested in. Depending on so many things: your personality, your age, your lifestyle, your marital status, your orientation, and your hobbies, you will fit in in some villages (or cities) better than in others.

Here is a brief rundown of some different lifestyles or situation and the cities or villages they may enjoy more. When you look for flats for rent in Gozo or Malta, keep your lifestyle in mind!

Single Professionals looking to Rent an Apartment

It’s often very desirable for single people to be able to go out and meet new friends and potential romantic partners. Some good places for that are Valletta, Sliema, Mosta, and Birgu. (Victoria, in Gozo.) If you really enjoy the nightlife, especially going out to dance clubs and pubs, then Paceville in St Julians is the place for you!

Families looking for long-let Apartments

For parents with school-age children, Pembroke, Naxxar, Marsaskala San Gwann, and Swieqi have been voted some of the top villages. (In Gozo, Gharb, Xewkija, and Ghajnsielem are also thought to be superior.) These villages are safer than most and possess good schools and playgrounds for children to run around. Also, families are generally the preferred tenants among landlords when arranging long-let agreements.

Students Renting an Apartment near Campus

Most students attend the University of Malta in Msida or MCAST in Paola or Mosta (or Ghajnsielem in Gozo). It’s tempting to try and find a place near campus, but it may be worth exploring other surrounding areas too. Just be sure it’s easy to get to campus, especially if you are not relying on your own mode of transport.

Expats Looking for Flats for Rent in Malta or Gozo

Expats generally want to rent a flat in Malta or Gozo where it’s easy to commute, considering most do not own their own transport. They will generally opt for a central area close to work opportunities, nightlife and a general hub such as Gzira, Sliema, and St. Paul’s Bay. In Gozo, again, the best place is Victoria. Contrastingly, expats looking to retire in Malta or Gozo and experience living on the island by renting an apartment, usually opt for quieter areas such as Senglea, Birgu and other cultural centres.

Here is a checklist of items to think about regarding your potential new village:

  1. How far is my commute?
  2. How far is my family’s commute to their jobs or schools?
  3. What is the quality of schools in the neighbourhood?
  4. How safe is the area?
  5. How free from pollution is the area?
  6. Are there enough trees and natural areas such as parks to walk through nearby?
  7. Are grocery stores, chemists, a post office, cafés and restaurants nearby?
  8. What other close amenities do I need?
  9. How is the traffic and parking near the flat?
  10. If applicable: How is the public transportation near the apartment?

What to Look for When Renting a Flat in Malta or Gozo

The next thing you need to do is figure out what you would like in your next apartment.  Make a list of both your needs and wants:

  1. How many bedrooms are required?
  2. Do you have pets?
  3. Are you looking for a short or long-term rental?
  4. Do you need to be on the ground floor, or do you need a lift if it is on an elevated story?
  5. How big does your kitchen need to be? Are you okay with gas stoves?
  6. What are your heating/air conditioning needs?
  7. Do you prefer your windows to have direct sunlight?
  8. Is there an outdoor space you can use, or one nearby?
  9. Do you prefer having a large tub or a stand-up shower?
  10. What kind of view would you like?

Apartments for Rent in Malta and Gozo

Apartment for Rent St Julians

There are so many different types of property for rent in Malta and Gozo. Go through our listings, and insert the criteria you want, to find your next new lovely Maltese or Gozitan flat!


Remember: whichever you choose: Malta Apartments or Gozo Flats–be sure to make sure that your landlord is honest and friendly. This is especially important If you are looking for a long let or long-term rental arrangement.


Click here to view our affordable listings of rental flats or apartments in Malta!


Click here to view our affordable listings of rental flats or apartments in Gozo!



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Apartments for rent in Malta and Gozo

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