Terraced Houses in Malta

What is a Terraced House in Malta? 

Malta offers an array of different kinds of properties. Still, some of these are not always easily distinguishable at first glance. This article looks at the defining features of a terraced house in Malta and what makes it a desirable type of property to buy.

A terraced house in Malta is different from a townhouse.

A terraced house typically shares walls with other properties on either side. While townhouses can appear similar, terraced houses are usually newer constructions. They were prevalent in the decades following the Second World War, although they continue to be built today. 

While terraced houses often have a similar layout to a townhouse, and both can have traditional Maltese features, terraced houses are generally more spacious, comprising two or three storeys and often having a garden. 

They are ideal for large families.

Due to their larger size, terraced houses in Malta can be an ideal living space for large or extended families, sometimes having up to seven bedrooms. 

Terraced Houses are suitable for individuals or couples who need some extra space in Malta.  It is unlikely that you will feel cramped in a terraced house, examples of which often have large entrance halls and spacious landings. 

Terraced Houses can have a traditional feel. However, terraced houses often have classic features of Maltese architecture and style. These might include refurbished traditional tiles, which are nowadays appreciated by many, and examples of Maltese craftsmanship such as handcrafted woodwork and ironwork. 

Many terraced houses feature impressive staircases, with elaborately worked balustrades and wrought railings. Roman arches typical of Maltese interiors can also often be seen at the entrances to rooms on the lower level of the house.

They can also have modern features.

While they often have standard features, terraced houses can be new builds with modern features or have been updated to feel more modern.

The back garden might be transformed into a modern entertainment area, perhaps even fitting a swimming pool in the case of more extensive gardens. The rooftops of terraced houses traditionally featured a washroom. Still, many such rooftop spaces have been converted to outdoor areas with decks, patios, or even Jacuzzis.

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