House of Character For Sale in Malta

House of Character For Sale Malta

Looking for a House of Character For Sale in Malta?

What is a Maltese House of Character?

Houses of Character for Sale can be found all over Malta and Gozo.

If you are new to Malta and Gozo, you may need some clarification about what a House of Character is. 

So, if you are looking for a House of Character for Sale in Malta, take a few moments to read this article.

Malta's houses of character represent Malta's historical past. Original architectural features, plenty of space, and a quirky style are the features of the best Malta Houses of character.

Many of the Maltas houses of character that come up for sale are more than five hundred years old, to the times of the Knights of St John and therefore are full of historic features. 

Featuring such as delicately crafted limestone work, arches, horse troughs, courtyards and vividly patterned tiles in a typical Maltese style. 

Sympathetically well-converted houses of character across Malta and Gozo have fuelled a specialist market over the last thirty or so years, and the need for that unique House of Character continues to grow.

House of Character For Sale in Malta

Houses of character in Malta were mainly built in the 17th and 18th century in most villages of Malta and can be found in various sizes and conditions, either converted or unconverted." 

Houses of character in Malta are usually found in the village centres, originally constructed to accommodate large families. Often descending from the Maltese and sometimes foreign nobility. 

The main feature of the Houses of Character was the central courtyards, offering cool shade during the sweltering summers and easy access to the adjoining rooms. Another feature is the external staircases to access the upper levels of the house.

Converting houses of character to meet modern-day standards is often a labour of love., but the results will be worth the effort. For example, the natural stone floors overlaid with traditional Maltese tiles often feature in the worlds interior design magazines. 

When you purchase your ideal house of character that's been up for sale, and you will find a place of tranquillity and refuge, which provides a welcome contrast to the busy and frenetic pace of city life in Malta.

When you enter a typical house of character, you would generally find an entrance hall with an area for a sotto Specchio (an ornate traditional Maltese entrance hall table and mirror). 

Sympathetic and professional renovation is a critical factor. Adding the essentials such as ventilation, plumbing, air conditioning, dampproofing and upgrading the electrics. The results of a well-planned renovation can be genuinely superb. Classical arches, stainless steel and glass paired with antique furniture or modern minimalism are often published and written about in the world's best interior design and architectural magazines.

The latest trend is to convert Houses of Character these houses into contemporary living spaces, often with a pool. An excellent and well thought out combination of new and modern materials with the traditional building methods will give you a home to be proud of and a sound property investment.

Demand for houses of character that come up for sale in Malta and Gozo is growing, so if you find the right house of character and restore it well, this is one of the best types of Maltese property investments you can make. Excel Homes Real Estate can help you in your search for a House of Character for Sale on Malta & Gozo. Make Contact Today!