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The History of Gozo Farmhouses Gozo Farmhouses For Sale

The local Gozo Farmhouses symbolise the Gozo islands heritage – in particular, its in its farming and local cultural history. The original Gozitan farmhouse played a very different part in society than today.  

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In 1600, the primitive Gozo farmhouse, locally called a Razzett, began to take its form in a very different way to her sister island, Malta.

Gozo developed Farm Houses all over the island, leading to the countryside. These Gozo Farm Houses offered less security from invasion than those on Malta. However, the Gozo Farm Houses have a closer relationship with the open fields and countryside around the farmhouse and villages, as you can see today.

The duel role of the original Razzett or Gozo farmhouse 

The Gozo Farmhouses had a dual purpose of housing and feeding the farm animals. The animals provided a good source of income for Gozo and fed the farmers family. Typically, the ground floor was used to shelter and feed animals such as sheep, goats, and cattle. 

Today, you can still see a farm presence in some of the local Gozo Farm Houses. In addition, you may find limestone managers in the wall on the ground level - the trough for feeding the animals. Often the manager nowadays is restored to enhance the character of the local limestone arches and internal wooden beams.

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The Gozo Farmhouse as a dwelling

Gozitan Farmers and their families slept in the Gozo Farmhouse, which gave a few advantages of having animals on the lower floors. 

During the winter, the animals below in the Gozo farmhouse would heat and warm the Farm House upper levels. Maybe one of the first examples of underfloor heating.

The Modern Gozo Farmhouse 

Many original Gozo farmhouses have been restored and upgraded to accommodate modern living standards. Many more recent owners have preserved and enhanced original features whilst combining these with contemporary furnishings and modified structures. 

In an original Gozo Farmhouse, you may find floors to the bedrooms that can only be reached by an external stone staircase, revealing unusual nooks and crannies, which adds to the character of the traditional Gozo farmhouse. 

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The Latest Gozo Farmhouses For sale

Over the last few years, Gozo has built farmhouses that still emulate the original craftsmanship and materials with a more modern approach. 

In Gozo, you will also find newer villa types of Gozo farmhouses that are contemporary and very stylish inside but still give recognition to the original farmhouse architecture.

Most have new Gozo Farmhouses have an outdoor swimming pool, and some even a  Jacuzzi.  

Maybe you are planning to open a Gozo Farm House bed and breakfast? Or buy your Gozo Farmhouse as an investment. There is a good income to be made on letting out your Gozo Farmhouse to the Maltese families who traditionally travel to Gozo at the weekends and holidays. Plus, of course, let your farmhouse out via www.airbnb.com or www.booking.com.

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