Buy a House of Character in Malta and Gozo

Why Buy a House of Character in Malta or Gozo? 

Houses of character are historic properties that can date back hundreds of years. This is the formal name used for this property type here in  Malta and Gozo.

A house of character is a property with particular features that can make a beautiful home for the right buyer, whether from Malta or overseas.

This article looks at why you might love a house of character and why you should consider investing in one. 

Houses of Character are usually full of historic features.  These Houses in Malta can be up to 500 years old, with many dating back to the time of the Knights of Malta. 

Houses of Character can come in many forms, including farmhouses, stately townhouses and grand palazzos. These various properties can, however, share many historical features. These may include elements of traditional architecture, such as roman arches and vaulted ceilings, central courtyards, external staircases, wooden beams and stone slabs. 

As a result, owning a house of character can feel like owning your own part of the history of Malta.

There are many fantastic converted houses of character, some ready to move into others in need of well planned and thoughtful restoration.

Taking on the task of converting traditional homes can be a labour of love. However, it might present several challenges, not least because such a property represents a piece of Maltese heritage that must be carefully preserved.

There are many wonderful converted houses of character on the market, combining the best historical features with modern touches and comforts that make it suitable for 21st -century living. 

They offer the opportunity to 'get away from it all and provide the opportunity to own a unique home to be proud of.

Houses of character can be found in most towns and villages around Malta and Gozo but often in the traditional old village centre. 

More remote rural areas of the property are called farmhouses. These locations tend to be more peaceful, meaning that houses of character can offer a more traditional, slower pace of life away from busy, urbanised areas. As a result, they can make an excellent investment. This is particularly true of Gozo.

Due to the limited number of such properties, houses of character do not represent a limitless supply. They, therefore, tend to appreciate in value over time, making them a good investment. 

Furthermore, if you choose to buy an unconverted house of character, renovations can significantly increase the property's value. Houses of character can also make great rental homes, providing investors with a regular income.

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