Reasons Why You Need a Real Estate Agent in Malta

When seeking to buy any type of property, you will be faced with two options; going through it alone and buying direct from owner so as to save money on commission, or engaging the help of a real estate agent. While the first option may seem highly tempting and perhaps a good idea at the time, the following four reasons will highlight why it is absolutely vital that you do so engage a real estate agent to find your dream property. But before delving into that, what, exactly, does a real estate agent do?

The Role of the Real Estate Agent

Although many people have heard of real estate agents, their exact role, function and importance may still be vague or unclear to some people. The principal function of the real estate agent is to understand the requirements and needs of each and every particular client. Customer satisfaction is at the heart of a real estate agent’s values, and this is achieved through several means.

How does a Real Estate Agent get to know you and what you are looking for?

The real estate agent will first make sure you understand your financial position and help you establish a reasonable budget. This would be based on your initial meetings with your bank that will determine your budget and loan possibilities based on your available funds.

They will then listen to your criteria and base their searches on what you’ve requested, thereby saving you time and money. They usually have a good idea of what is currently available on the market, and if they have your best interest at heart, such as the property agents at Excel Homes Real Estate, they will immediately know what properties to put forward based on your requests such as location and type of property, and which ones aren’t worth the viewing time.

The real estate agent will also get you to prioritise your needs, and may ask you to differentiate between must-haves (such as the number of bedrooms), and things that would be perks but are not essentials (such as a yard or a pool).
It is also important to remember that there are thousands of properties on the market, and a real estate agent is there to narrow down these options.

4 Benefits of having a Real Estate Agent

 In-depth market knowledge of areas in Malta and Gozo

While you might have a very clear mental image of what you want from your dream home, actually realising your dream is a different story (and a far more difficult task!). Therefore, it is crucial to remember that estate agents in Malta have access to the best up-to-date listings, and will do their best to find you a property that fits your vision. Real estate agents possess a large database of quality properties that include villas, apartments, palazzos and houses of character, which ensures that clients will have an extensive and exclusive selection of properties to browse through. Moreover, agents have a comprehensive knowledge of sales data, market trends, and the best locations, so you can rest easy knowing that you are in safe hands.

Well-practised negotiating skills


Many people may be unaware that certain property prices are negotiable, or, if they are aware, might not possess the knowledge of how to effectively negotiate a property price. On the other hand, real estate agents have plenty of know-how and experience in negotiating the price of a property, and they are experts in knowing exactly when and how to negotiate. A property transaction can be quite a complex affair, and several of the steps towards buying your dream home involve negotiation. Therefore, real estate agents, who are well trained in the art of negotiation, will be able to get you the best deal on your perfect property and ensure a favourable outcome for the buyer.

Expert Transaction-managing Abilities

Putting aside the above-mentioned negotiating skills that are compulsory in any property transaction, there is also a significant amount of paperwork that has to be reviewed and understood. The average buyer will not have the required experience to spot an essential detail in the fine print, but an experienced real estate agent will have dealt with all sorts of these documents and can be your guide through this complex process. Additionally, problems and issues often arise in the negotiation of property and its subsequent transactions, and therefore, it is useful to have an advisor on hand if any of these complications come up.

Convenience and Ease of Mind

The final, and perhaps most important reason why you should hire a real estate agent is for your own tranquillity and serenity. Looking for the perfect property can sometimes feel like a full-time job and so it makes sense to hire someone whose profession is to find the perfect home for you! Real estate agents will accompany you to every viewing, offer advice and share their expertise. Their well-honed eye and in-depth knowledge can save you a lot of time spent researching a property or location. In addition, they will almost certainly notice details that could be easily missed by the untrained eye. Finally, real estate agents often have a network of professional contacts, including banks, notaries, and legal firms, which will save you a great deal of time and effort in the transaction process and ensure that the perfect property will be yours with minimal stress.

Keeping all this in mind, you should look no further than Excel Homes Malta, one of the best real estate agents on the island. We offer exceptional service across all property aspects in Malta and Gozo, and work with residential property across the islands for sales and lettings. Additionally, we offer professional advice to buyers and sellers alike.

Excel Homes Real Estate Malta Ltd was established in 2011 by Managing Director Daniel Debono, and over the past few years, it has confirmed its reputation as one of Malta and Gozo’s leading real estate agencies. What started out as a small yet dedicated team, has now expanded into over thirty fully qualified and dedicated real estate agents in Malta and Gozo. Therefore, Excel Homes Malta is clearly the place to reach out to in order to fulfil your dreams and find your dream home!

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